Multipurpose Bridge Simulator

This 180 degree multi-purpose bridge simulator consists of three networked ship’s bridges, which can be utilised to undertake a wide range of training and professional development courses. Each cadet can have a full experience of bridge view and ship operation before they step up onboard.

Each ship’s bridge includes one radars and an ECDIS system in an environment that closely resembles equipment and layouts found in the real world.Also it includes other navigation equipment such as echo sounder, GPS, speed log etc.

The simulator is able to replicate a range of ship types and sizes, target vessels, and geographical databases in which to exercise. Simulator is loaded with heavy denser traffic area like Bosphorus strait, Singapore strait , English Channel where the candidates can practice their decision making style in regards to Rule of the road.

Each bridge can run different exercises at the same time. Alternatively, the same exercise can be run separately on each bridge, or an interactive exercise can be created where all three of the ships are involved in the same exercise simultaneously.
The simulator allows for total and instantaneous control over traffic and environmental conditions.