Fire Ground

Our tailor built fire fighting Ground is a state of the art realistic but safe environment in which seafarers can benefit from learning the life saving techniques of fire fighting at sea.

 Our Fire Fighting Ground Features:

  1. three-storey ship model for hot fire training
  2. breathing apparatus training unit with a simulated double bottom tank
  3. Units to train fire fighting using fixed installations
  4. fire screen, fire pit and other devices for simulating a variety of fire types

The fire ground is equipped with a range of fire fighting equipment that are found on board ship such as different types of nozzles, fixed foam monitors to provide our students hands on training in their practical exercises.The fire Fighting ground covers an area of around 8000 square feet. Features an open ground which contains a large three-storey ship model training unit. Perfect environment for live fire training as well as for simulating ship fire and enclosed space.

Students train on number of fires, such as wood and liquid fires, and electrical equipment to chip pan fires for extinguisher training, this gives students a feel for real fires and the confidence and the training they require in a real life emergency. We make sure our students practice the different techniques for protection and extinguishing different type of fire in a controlled safe environment, whilst still feeling the effects of the heat and smoke.

The ground has its independent fire main which connects multiple hydrants, and pump where recycled water is utilised for all fire fighting operations.

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