Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

Duration- 12 Hours

Commonwealth Of Dominica Approved

This course provides the necessary knowledge and training of personal survival so that a student will be able to react in a correct manner during emergency situations, take measures appropriate to his/her own survival and to the survival of others, and use survival equipment correctly. The student will also acquire knowledge which, in some instances, will enable him/her to identify and address defects and thereby prevent emergencies.

Topics include emergency procedures aboard ship, abandoning ship, use of survival suits, liferafts, and other survival gear. Any applicant who has successfully completed the 15-Hour Personal Survival Techniques course will satisfy the Personal Survival Techniques training requirements of Section A-VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code.

Note: Students are asked to bring a bathing suit and towel.

Tuesday – Wednesday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Basic swimming ability required. Must demonstrate floating, survival suit, and liferaft techniques in pool.


Commonwealth Of Dominica Approved

  • Passport
  • CDC
  • Copy of VISA (If Applicable)